Who are we?

About Planete Finance Service and its services

about Planete Finance Service

Planete Finance Service is a finance company that offers personal and professional lending services, giving every day a fast solution to the urgent needs of everyone, including renewals or car purchase, paying the Bills, or even travel surprises. Being one of the fastest companies financial, Planete Finance Service certainly is your first choice when you need urgent money.

Our team

Planete Finance Service is composed of people from all kinds of backgrounds with a wide range of talents. But there is one thing we have in common: a passion for helping people.


Our customers are hardworking, responsible people who need a simple and affordable way to join the two ends. Most of our borrowers know that a payday loan is a bad choice, but have limited options. Planete Finance Service helps fill for a better financial future.

We help you have better

Planete Finance Service is proud to set a new standard for the lending industry. We look at the whole person, not just his credit score, loans tailored to every credit situation.
And we are the only team that allows each individual to take control of its own debt. In responding to a number of achievable goals, you can earn credits that reduce the cost of your loan while you repay.
For each loan Planete Finance Service has fair and simple conditions and supported with the customer service of world class, including easy-to-use online tools and resources.

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With our form simple and easy, made your loan application in confidence

Swift approval

Please make your request online now and benefit from interest rates up to 2%.

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Get the money that you have requested and give life to your personal projects